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花蓮縣政府自2002年度開始推動花蓮縣原住民族部落大學,從原住民的主體性出發,在於建構與主流社會不同的教育機制,掌握教育文化自主與自決的權利,讓族人在符合其文化與習俗環境中,學習與傳承祖先的知識和藝能,以增進學員對社會議題的自覺與文化敏感度,並參與部落的文化復振運動,以搶救即將瀕臨滅絕的原住民語言、文化與社會,並把原住民文化中獨特的生態與世界觀傳承下去。 永續傳承部落知識與哲學觀,再現部落原住民族主體性及歷史解釋權,讓我們可以像祖先一樣驕傲地活在自己的土地上。 The Hualien Tribal College was established in 2002. It is unlike the regular educational institutions. It bases upon the integrity and wellbeing of the indigenous peoples and culture. In order to uplifting the spirit of learning our own culture and ability of passing on the knowledge and art of our forefathers to the next generations, we let the student involve on cultural, language and village revival activities and movement. Whereby we create the special cultural education character therefore we might be able to pass on the knowledge and interpret the history that happens to our live. Make us proud to live in our own land like our forefathers.